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I'm Gennavieve, your dancing, business owning, travelholic who begrudgingly identifies as a Libra.

Thanks to the weight I've subconsciously put on the latter, my life is a constant battle for balance...

Do I hustle or play? Travel or settle? Love or leave?  

Try as I might, my scales are forever slightly askew, which brought about the creation of this space. 


Astrology aside, I know I am not the only woman who has unintentionally given herself the task of achieving literally everything this life. We know perfection is unattainable, but my gosh, watch us try!

So, my success driven, travel bug bitten, self-improving boss babes, this one's for you...


An ever-growing collection of my personal experiences, tips and tricks as I try to achieve the impossible in all aspects of life and of course, look good doing it.



Yours in balance, 


 Gennavieve x


Organised chaos in heels.

In a nutshell, I worked three jobs to buy my first house at 18, started my own business at 24 and moved to America to flip houses at 26, yet naturally still ask myself 'why would anyone be interested in my story?'

These days I work from my laptop and travel as much as possible. My entire wardrobe fits in a suitcase (by choice). I ride motorbikes, pole dance, jump out of perfectly good planes and when my feet are back on the ground, I hustle.

Property possibly takes up the same amount of space in my heart as my husband. He would probably find that offensive if he didn't feel the same. In my 20s I launched Lyons Property Mentoring, your property investment education platform and my business baby.

These days we focus on our personal property portfolio and renovation projects which we share here along with the tips and tricks we pick up along the way.


Antique and handmade pieces made or sourced by us for your home.

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