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A Page From My Travel Diary | Yangshuo, China

From moon caves to mud baths, I share with you a page from my travel diary, written in the quietly breathtaking town of Yangshuo in China's Guangxi region.

Today is the second of May. Did you know that? I didn't. I barely ever know what day it is lately. I wonder what the rest of the world did on the second of May, and if it was as exhausting and magical as mine.

Starting early, we cycled along Yulong river, the same one we bamboo rafted down yesterday, to arrive at Moon Hill.

Whether its name derives from the natural moon-shaped arch through the middle or the fact that it was 800 steps high is debatable. However, sacrificing my ability to walk tomorrow was definitely worth it for that view.

Once the blood left my face and returned to the rest of my body, we cycled to nearby Moon Water Cave, the largest natural cave in Yangshuo, winding the length of eight mountains.

Complete with a mud bath and natural hot springs, it would be the oldest cave I've ever seen and a great way to break up a such an active day.

My initial hesitation to get dirty was quickly replaced by mud. Lots of mud. We slid and wrestled and laughed our way through the cave, becoming one with our surroundings and settling in the hot springs before heading back up to the surface.

Making our way home, we took the back roads, passing locals tending to their rice fields and taking in the incredible scenery.

The locals we've met so far have been lovely and I'm even starting to crave Chinese food rather than my usual pizza or pasta, however a western toilet now and then wouldn't hurt, would it?

Yesterday, I met the sweetest shop attendant who mentioned she collects foreign currency.

So, to finish my day, I went back with what Australian money I had with me. Her excitement made it the best $5 ever spent.

If you would like to know more about my travels through China, be sure to check out @gennavievelyons for my China Instagram story highlights and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!

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